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The new stage of economic reforms has to create prerequisites for economic growth and deep, dynamic reorganization of structure of economy according to public requirements, modern technical technological capabilities, requirements of an economic, social orientation and ecologically safe development with strategic orientation to preparation of conditions for the entry in the long term of the country in a post-industrial (information) stage of social development.

On the other hand, the real situation is characterized also by that in some directions pressure of the state upon economy increases. The state keeps and realizes opportunities to break the liberal principle of equal opportunities for the competing structures, to create by efforts of bureaucracy in an individual order special conditions for some of subjects of the market - either especially favorable, or suffocating.

Unblocking of sources of growth of domestic demand, first of all — a of the income and accumulation of real sector frozen in non-monetary forms of calculations. Within the next five-six years a share of gross profit of producers (without taking into account ­ in the cumulative income of economy has to remain steadily high at the level of 30-35%. Change of price proportions between primary) and final sectors of economy, and the providing accelerated of accumulation in manufacturing industry and agrarian sector is necessary.

According to it the following requirement to a of market reforms is formed: transferring of the center of gravity of reformational efforts to institutional and administrative activity, i.e. on development of of economic activity and creation of necessary organizatsionyono-economic structures institutes.

development, proceeding from calculations for the commodity markets, at each enterprise of the program of transition to conditions of the market competition without decrease in the general release and at detection of deficiency or surplus of a manpower for their retraining and redistribution;

The first — a lack of economic and financial institutions, on expansion of investments. from the main factors, growth of capital investments, is not shortage of resources, but low demand from and absence of motivations from potential investors. To weaken this restriction, a concentration of the capital — the powerful economic structures capable within implementation of projects to close all cycle. Besides, it is necessary to provide real protection of the rights of and to create mechanisms of decrease in investment k (insurance, provision of guarantees).

The fourth task — to create financial base of expanded production due to increase of monetization of economy. By the end of this stage it is necessary to barter level on sales of a not less than on five points.

First, upon transition to the market significant growth in the monetary income of the population will push (through increase of costs and demand already huge jump of an overall price level and will turn this single (as they believe) jump in an infinite spiral of inflation. Therefore experts provide rigid restriction of growth of a monetary salary in the recommendations.

identification of a real ratio of supply and demand on each commodity group and the measures necessary for ensuring free competition between producers and between wholesale buyers, at observance of the requirement of profitability;

The second direction — a sharp of investments for high-quality modernization is production - the technological device and maintenance of a source of raw materials of economy. To keep necessary capacities and thus to normalize process them ­ updatings, the volume of production investments has to increase by 2,4 times. Thus it is necessary:

The first stage, up to three years, is focused, the main thing, on creation of institutional and financial prerequisites for a to dynamic growth. Key at this stage are the factor of time and a lack of opportunities.

The fifth — implementation of the social reforms directed, first of all, on strengthening of addressing of social support, and also on preservation and high-quality development of social infrastructure (an, health care, culture, social providing.

The most important advantage of economy is existence of the innovative and machine-building potential concentrated, mainly, in branches of a defensive. Its use will allow to fill in the long term demand due to expansion of production of machine-technical production, without worsening the balance of payments.