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The following feature of tourism as object of management is expressed in complexity of tourist services. Tourist service — is all that the tourist in attention or than he uses during travel (at change of a place of the stay and at stay in a terminal point of the trip) From this it follows that tourist service consists for the tourist of the whole complex of services (both material, and non-material) which are a specific tourist product. These separate tourist services are supplementing.

commercial income. These are the gross monetary receipts which are formed thanks to expenses of visitors. Net income are an indicator of viability of the firms serving tourists. They create means for capital investments and show efficiency of service of tourists by this or that firm;

Considering concepts efficiency of management of tourism, it is necessary to recognize that tourism — this first of all important social and economic phenomenon. Consequences it more and more are felt on himself by both each inhabitant, and society in general. Thus tourism — is such kind of activity which directly influences social, cultural, educational, economic spheres of all states, and also their international and economic relations.

personal income of citizens. Tourism makes direct impact on the monetary income of citizens, providing their employment in firms, at the enterprises and in the organizations. The employment of the population which is expressed quantity of workplaces on full or part-time is closely connected with this concept;