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The volcanism of BTTI influences a cone of the Southern break. The matter is that from an edge of a cone gas and heat that is followed by high temperature is still emitted in the atmosphere. Allocation goes from under the breed composing a crater edge impact of temperature on breeds results, there is its change later mineralogenesis. Also allocated gas and heat influence the atmosphere, changing its chemical composition.

The region of BTTI is surrounded with the wood, bushes, vegetation rich with types. But in the area only the remains of bushes of a kedrach and the flora growing only on small fraction, stones, a lava. It is a grass, a moss, a dwarfish willow, a mountain ash, a sedge, ivan-tea, bushes up to 2 meters high, small florets. The vegetation around BTTI loves small fraction.

BTTI place landscape changed. Now it is vyzhenny slag the desert with slag cones and the centers of mainly low vegetation to 0,5 meters with the lost trees and the wood. A district landscape the general for Northern and Southern break.