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Biennial, stalk upright. Leaves ovoid and heart-shaped. Flowers oboyepoly, tubular, in round baskets, form a kistochkovy inflorescence. Fruit semyanka. June-July blossoms. Actions same as at a burdock big. A buttercup multiflowered -

The Dzhankoysky area is located within the Scythian platform formed by the Paleozoic rocks which are strongly crumpled in a fold. The Paleozoic base is shattered by tectonic breaks into large blocks which are displaced from each other. The block forming the base of the Sivashsky hollow is deeply shipped.

And so, in the Dzhankoysky area, grows a large number of herbs, among them plants from 37 families meet: Astrov –26, gubotsvetny –10, rozotsvetny –7, krestotsvetny –6, bean –7, marevy –5, umbrella –5, narichnikovy –3, burachnikovy –3, pervotsvetny –3, lyutikovy –3, podorozhnikovy –2, poppy –2, gvozdichny –2, paslenovy –2, kermekovy –2, grechishny –2, paslenovy –2, and the others on one plant, and also cultivated plants from 22 families.