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Is on Dzhumeyra Bich Road to Dubai. One of the best, if the thematic aquapark, not best in the world occupying the space of 5 hectares. The park imitates Vadi - the water stream sliding among rocks, ridges, oases and the disappeared civilizations of the Arab world. Each attraction has the legend connected with adventures of the well-known traveler of ancient times Sindbad, his friend Dzhokh and his wife Dzhulshan.

The constant and predictable wind, weak currents and warm water create ideal conditions for sailing and scuba diving. Weather almost always favorable, visibility - excellent, and the sea world - is diverse. Local diving clubs are perfectly equipped and provide the most various services.

The United Arab Emirates are located in Asia. The country holds an advantageous geographical position since borders on Qatar in the north, in the West and the South - with Saudi Arabia, in the east - with the Sultanate of Oman and is washed washed Persian, in the east in the north - Omani by gulfs.

The Dubai climate and the first-class sports constructions do the Emirate by an ideal place for the tourists preferring active recreation. The choice of the sports presented in Dubai does not concede to the best resorts of Europe and Asia, but thus there are also unique opportunities: it is fishing in the high sea and skating, golf on grass fields and slalom on skis from dunes.

The United Arab Emirates possesses widely developed hotel chain, both own hotels, and entering the international hotel chains of Radisson, Hilton, Accor, Royal and many others. Hotels are designed for any visitor. The hotel sector has hotels generally 3 *, 4 *, 5*. Restaurant business is perfectly adjusted. There are set of resort places.