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The part of the tar cooled in T-9/1,2 with a temperature not over 270 With goes for installation of production of bitumen. For improvement of use of heat of the tar which is taken away from installation, tar temperature on bituminous installation by a reguliruyetsyapodmeshivaniye of hot tar through bypass (besides) the line of T-9/1 heat exchangers,

The fuel oil received on atmospheric part of installation from K-2 column bottom goes for reception of the pumps N-28, N-29 or N-3 One of these pumps fuel oil on the pipeline goes to the vacuum P-3 furnace two streams (east and western).

At the exit from heat exchangers all four streams of oil unite in one and on the pipeline come to a column of preliminary evaporation To - On an entrance to K-1 oil is divided a nadva of a stream and two streams comes to K-1 on the sixth plate, beginning from a column bottom.

Recycles the desalinated and dehydrated oil which is made on ELOU. From it to Avt it is transferred on the pipeline to reception of the raw pumps N-1, N-2, H - oil is pumped over by These pumps through tepoobmennik and goes in To - On an entrance to heat exchangers the general stream is divided into four streams.

The large number of hatches in vacuum columns is undesirable as it reduces tightness of the device. However hatches at each plate are necessary for ensuring repair of plates big diameter. The hatches and unions installed in vacuum columns accept usually on conditional pressure of 1,6 MPas.