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Even more complicate activity of the advertiser concerning influence on behavior of consumers, first, continuous change by people of the opinions, belief and tastes. That was pleasant within the last five years, can lose the appeal to us already tomorrow. Secondly, the behavior of certain people is deprived of sequence and is unpredictable. Often they do not understand why behave so, but not differently and if understand the valid motives of the behavior, are afraid of them to express

promises the consumer essential benefits at acquisition of goods for what its advantages are shown, the positive image is created, other prerequisites of preference and in heading of an advertizing appeal, and in its illustration, and in stylistics of supply of text and graphic materials are formed;

The third look - unnecessary in general to the person information. The consumer does not pay attention to such advertizing, and in some cases it can irritate him, for example, when it display of the transfer interesting him and t interrupts.

The main indicator of economic efficiency of advertizing is commodity turnover. It does not exclude possibility of use of other indicators, in particular, pribyli.1 expediently to use This indicator when forecasting efficiency of publicity, at a choice of optimum option of estimated publicity expenses.

Publicity was how effective can show determination of indirect efficiency: the increase in number of visitors or calls in comparison with the daily average level of contacts If indirect efficiency high, and number of sales increased slightly, most likely, or advertizing does not correspond to goods, or the chain the buyer-goods-seller badly works.

In the analysis of efficiency of this or that media it is possible to find out that at once some mass media look attractively as each of them possesses positive properties for advertizing of our goods. In other words, the best strategy is mixture of various media. Reasons of such mixture that:

The index of advertizing can be defined as the relation of an index of commodity turnover of the advertized goods or firm to an index of commodity turnover of the compared object which is not affected by advertizing. The gain of this indicator (an advertizing index) is defined as a difference between a commodity turnover index due to action of advertizing and unit (Ip-. Then, using data on daily average commodity turnover of the doreklamny period, additional commodity turnover and the additional realized imposing received as a result of impact of advertizing is calculated. The difference between the sum of the additional realized imposing and the expenses connected with advertizing implementation is an indicator of its economic efficiency.

However, simple calculation not always reflects the valid efficiency of publicity. Economic efficiency of advertizing is closely connected with the purposes which are set when carrying out this publicity, and that sum of money which are allocated for its carrying out:

Research of advertizing efficiency has to be directed on obtaining special data on essence and interrelation of the factors serving to achievement of the objectives of advertizing with the smallest expenses of means and the maximum return that will allow to eliminate the idle advertizing and to define conditions for its optimum influence.

It is necessary to tell that the results of economic efficiency of advertizing estimated on formulas (and (will be not absolutely exact because at calculation the expenses under other articles of distribution costs connected with commodity turnover growth are not considered. Therefore for determination of economic efficiency of long publicity there is the calculation procedure. When the advertizing period lasts some months and more, on sale of goods, besides advertizing also such factors as price level, quality and the range of goods, forms and methods of their sale, etc. can work.

Determination of efficiency is a necessary condition of the correct organization and the planning of advertizing activity of firm, rational use of work and appliances spent for advertizing.

This technique is used usually for determination of economic efficiency of separate advertizing media or short-term publicity. If the received result is more or is equal to zero then that advertizing was economically effective.